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Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards & Spiritual Guidance in Hampton, New Hampshire

Tarot cards and spiritual guidance are fascinating ways to reveal your future and tell your life's story. Our psychic readings in Hampton, New Hampshire, give you the answers that leave you in awe.

Tarot Card Readings

Along with using your body's energy, Spiritual Readings by Duchess utilizes Egyptian and Angel tarot cards to unfold and interpret your past and present. As each card turns over, you learn more and more about telling events in your life.

Spiritual Consultations

We start with a reading, and then go deeper into your life when you request our spiritual guidance. This service is also available by phone and provides insight to any number of the following areas:
• Love
• Marriage
• Family
• Health
• Career
• Relationships
• Problems & Concerns
Tarot Cards - Psychic Readings in Hampton, New Hampshire

Palm Readings

The lines on your palm each have different meanings like how long you will live, how many children you will have, and even success in your career. Our readings can be done alone, over the phone, or we'll even travel to a party to do them for a group.

Spiritual Cleanings & Chakra Cleansing

If you're feeling stress, emotional duress, or pain, spiritual cleansing, or chakra cleansing, does wonders. We help you relieve the baggage in your life, by using:
• Herbs
• Incense
• Crystals
• Meditation
You will also be taught how to self spiritually cleanse. Telephone consultations are welcome.
Contact us in Hampton, New Hampshire to learn more about how
we assist you in reaching inner peace through spiritual guidance and tarot cards.

Tarot Cards - $50

Palm Reading - $30

Spiritual Reading & Candle Reading are available

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